One of the exciting features of our new cordless Dolphin LIBERTY™ line is Magnetic-Connect, which offers super easy snap-in-place and walk-away-charging. That means nothing to plug-in to the robot, making it water-tight and safe!  

 Smartphones, tablets, appliances, medical devices, even electric vehicles use inductive charging. The method uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power without physical, direct electrical connections, like the regular corded plugs the rest of our robots use for continuous power. 

 Once charged, the lithium-ion battery in the LIBERTY™ 200 and 300 cleans for a full 90 minutes! The LIBERTY™300 includes Eco Mode and Cycle Select, features that allow users to choose 30-minute cycles for shorter cleaning sessions throughout the week. The LIBERTY™ 300 also includes the "Click-Up" feature that calls it up to the waterline when you're ready to recharge it. 

For more information about the Dolphin LIBERTY™ line, visit today!