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Poolside Tech is excited to announce a new Advanced Notifications feature coming to The Attendant pool automation system in August 2023. This exciting feature allows homeowners and pool professionals to stay on top of everything going on with every pool pad they own and/or manage. Instead of remembering to check multiple apps to monitor your pool equipment and water chemistry, you can rely on The Attendant to tell you everything you need to know when you need to know it.
The Attendant will let you know when equipment on your pool malfunctions or requires service. It will monitor your pool water for chemistry issues or filtration problems. The Attendant will even tell you if your system is dealing with inclement weather and has to enter freeze protect mode.
Make notifications personal by customizing your settings to only get alerted about things that are important to you. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, choose the types of notifications you want to receive. Send cleaning and filter clog alerts to your pool cleaning company. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your pool servicer is alerted whenever equipment on your pad experiences an issue. Additionally, each user can pick and choose the best way to be notified (In-App with Text Message or Email). The Attendant
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With Advanced Notifications, you can be alerted on:
  • Equipment Failure (Pumps, Heaters, Chillers, Valves, Salt Chlorine Generators, Chemical Dispense Pumps, Sensors)
  • Water Quality Issues (Filtration/Flow problems, Sanitizer Levels, pH Level)
  • Water Leveling Issues
  • Environmental Issues (Freeze Protection, Leaving the controller door open)
  • Connectivity Issues (Systems going offline)
The Attendant is a unique all-in-one system. In critical situations, The Attendant can alert the appropriate user automatically in order to preserve your oasis. As a homeowner, you’re not always standing by watching over your pool. With The Attendant, your automation system is.
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Enhance the experience with The Attendant.
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